Our core values


Communication is at the heart of our core values. Our communication style is to listen deeply as we guide you to identify what matters most to you. We guarantee that you experience a sense of accomplishment and peace of mind knowing you preserved everything you wanted to pass down to your loved ones. We give you the opportunity to hand down the money you worked hard to save, sentimental family stories that you want future generations to know, and your personal values that you lived by.


We guide you through the process of identifying what your purpose is here on earth. We encourage you to INTEGRATE YOUR LEGACY INTO YOUR LIFE NOW so that you can leave a lasting footprint that you and your great-great-grandchildren will be proud of. We're committed to a creative attorney-client relationship that nurtures your evolving estate planning goals and fuels your family members' love for one another... now that's transformative!


"Working with Kamela Laird was an easy and quite frankly wonderful experience.  She understood our needs even though we were not quite sure ourselves what was required.  She delivered an excellent estate plan surprisingly quickly.  Our impression was of a kind, caring, generous lawyer with complete integrity.  What a great find she is! We could not recommend her more highly."


- R.S.

What you can count on



We will always listen to your concerns, commitments, and goals so that we create exactly what empowers you to leave a meaningful legacy.



We do exactly what we say we will. We don’t cut corners. We fulfill on every objective we establish in our attorney-client relationship. 




After you determine the content and design of your estate plan, we promise to deliver a portfolio within the parameters of the timeline we tell you, usually one week. 



Communication is the core of our relationship with you. We commit to have collaborative and caring communication in all of our interactions with you. 

Superior quality


We deliver 100% custom estate planning portfolios that resolve your specific concerns and accurately reflect your unique family needs and assets. 



We know you don't normally come to lawyers for a transformational experience, but, to the extent you want it, our holistic estate planning services empower you to improve the relationships that matter to you most, including your relationship with yourself.

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